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Once your website is built, we'll help you decide what type of website hosting package best fits your needs. Things like changing pictures, adding pages or video files and E-commerce all factor into choosing the right package.

We'll check to make sure the domain name you want is available and then register it for you. Next we'll create a beautiful new website for your company, or give the one you have a facelift. Need an online store? We offer E-commerce sites as well.


Register Domain Name




and Build Your Website



You tell us how your site will

be used throughout the year



Choose a hosting

& design package



We offer hosting packages for your website bundled with design time options for things like uploading photos, music or video files, and adding or editing pages. Scroll down to learn more about hosting and to see the package pricing options.

$1,300 annually   45% Savings
$750 annually   15% Savings
$500 annually   10% Savings
design time


design time


design time


If you have a relatively simple website or blog that will only need the occasional update, this is the package for you.

The 10 hour package is more suited for customers who anticipate needing content updates throughout the year such as changing or adding new photos or products.

This option is ideal for businesses that expect to update their websites frequently throughout the year. The 25 hour package allows you to make significant updates such as adding pages to your site, uploading new photos or promoting special offers or sale items for E-commerce sites. If you know your site is going to require regular updates, the savings and flexibility of the 25 hour package will be perfect for you.

(if any of this sounds confusing, just give us a call and we'll walk you through it)


Up to 4 Pages


 5 GB Storage


SEO / Keyword Placement


"Contact Us" Form


Up to 2 Image Galleries


1 Free Email Address



Up to 8 Pages


10 GB Storage


SEO / Keyword Placement


"Contact Us" Form


Up to 3 Image Galleries

to 10 images) 

Google Analytics


2 Free Email Addresses



Up to 15 Pages


20 GB Storage


SEO / Keyword Placement


"Contact Us" Form


Up to 3 Image Galleries


Google Analytics


3 Free Email Addresses


E-Commerce Setup


Online Store & Shopping Cart


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