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Our standard rate for graphic design work is $75/hour. However, typically we price on a per-job basis given the unique characteristics involved with each project.



Your logo is the face of your company when you can't be, so it's critical that it strikes the right tone. A good logo should say something about your company without trying to say too much. At Studio One Eleven, we are very skillful at finding that balance.


Studio One Eleven can handle all the printing needs of small businesses. From business cards and letterhead to flyers, brochures, posters and signage, we take print projects from concept to final product on time and on budget.

3D models

3D Models

Illustrate your creativity and vision through the use of three-dimensional renderings in your project proposals. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value of a 3D picture! We can even turn 3D models into video presentations allowing your clients to 'fly over' and 'walk through' the design.

define the goals    formulate a strategy    design with purpose


Business Cards and Letterhead



Give us a call to discuss your project and the underlying goals you hope to achieve when completed. Unless your project is particularly unique or complex, we will provide you with a detailed estimate within 24 hours.

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